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Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 1-Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Air Compressor With Accessory kit
great for staple gun I bought this to use with surebonder's 9615 upholstery staple gun to reupholster a bunch of chairs. it works great. i'm rather impressed. it is really ...

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Campbell Hausfeld VT6271 26 Gallon ASME Oil-Lubricated 240V Horizontal Air Compressor Campbell Hausfeld VT6271 26 Gallon ASME Oil-Lubricated 240V Horizontal Air Compressor
Price : $829.99 $555.01
Features :
  1. Heavy duty CAST IRON oil lubricated twin cylinder pump
  2. Powers a variety of air tools for the serious do it yourselfer or contractor
  3. Product life of up to 5000 hours based on b-10 bearing rating
  4. High horsepower motor capable of running on 240 volts
  5. Durable and safe ASME code tank for greater air storage

Average Customer Rating :

Editorial Review :

Expect up to 5000 hours of extended life from this rugged cast iron twin-cylinder pump. U.S.A. HP: 3.2, Pump: Oil lubricated, Portable or Stationary: Portable

Customer Review :

Great Compressor!

This is a great compressor for a home shop or even a small business. With a 240V motor, the compressor is able to put out over 10 SCFM at 90 PSI. I am able to run my 6" random orbital sander at 98% duty without any drop-outs. Granted, the motor will pump the whole time, but it certainly provides enough air. Same story with die grinders, cutoff tools, air ratchets, impact wrenches, etc.

I was concerned about the noise level before I purchased it. Those concerns proved to be unfounded. Compared to the tiny (~2-6 gal) oil-free compressors, this thing is super quiet!

The physical size is perfect for sitting under my workbench. Maintenance is a breeze, too. I am certainly the envy of my neighbors now!

Rating :

Product review for Campbell Hausfeld VT6271

First of all, let me start by saying I did a lot of work researching other air compressors on-line reading customer reviews like the one I am writing. That said, here it goes. For me, I was seeking an air compressor I would use with my father in-law to build a 16'x18' deck on the back of my house, so I needed one with a lot of power and reserve. The first air compressor came damaged to me. I found the damage after the shipper left. The damage was a broken pump wheel. The entire wheel was broken off the spokes. I called Campbell Hausfeld. They explained to me that Amazon would prefer that I call them because the product was damaged upon arrival. So, I called them and they handled everything perfectly. The customer representative gave me the option of exchanging the product or returning it for a complete refund. I opted for an exchange. I received the second one no more than 5 days later (I pressed Amazon for that because I was taking vacation the following week to start my project and needed it then, not the following week).

The second one arrived in perfect condition. I used the compressor; I worked it very hard and am completely satisfied with its performance. However, after three and a half months (purchased last week of July 2009) I noticed the paint flaking off the tank and rust underneath the paint. I know this might not seem like a big deal, but I was looking at it from the view point that the tank may be leaking air and the moisture from the condensed air may be causing the paint to flake. Anyhow, after I spent $[...] I expect it to still look like new after just a few months. Besides, in the rare event I decided to sell it, would anyone be interested in purchasing a rusty air compressor even though the owner states "works great even though it looks bad"? I think NOT considering a rusty tank is typically a sign of a leaky tank. Furthermore, how is that my father in-law's compressor looks great after building his 2,800 sqft home himself nearly 20 years ago? In the end, I just want mine to look like the rest of my tools - in great condition from taking care of them properly.

Moving on, I called Campbell Hausfeld and they said tank paint is covered. The only problem is they want to replace my shiny blue tank with a crummy, dull, grey primer colored tank. I know some of you might be thinking no big deal, but again I paid $519.99 and I expect $519.99. I bought this product for two reasons. First, it was made in the United States of America [I only buy American made (a product manufactured by an American company headquartered in America and not just assembled here like those cheap foreign cars). Second, I purchased it because I knew it could handle the demands I would require of it while building the deck and working on my vehicles as a hobby (no I am not a union laborer - I am a professional, 4 year degreed individual).

Anyhow, to conclude this review, I am very happy with the compressors performance; however, I am and dissatisfied with Campbell Hausfeld's cheap fix/replacement option for my rusting tank. I am still in the process of convincing Campbell Hausfeld of replacing my tank with painted one. I will keep you posted as to what comes of all of this.

I hope my review was helpful? My intention was to inform future purchasers not to dissuade or persuade.

Mark, Ohio


Rating :

Not impressed at all

I received this unit last week and am in the process of disassembling it, moving it into the garage attic as my floor space is limited. The ONLY reason I purchased this unit was the compact size and the fact it was $300 less than in Ingersoll Rand 3HP wheelbarrow compressor. I purchased this unit site unseen as it is hard to find this config in the local big box stores.

The compressor is relocated but not running yet but my first impressions are memorable.
1) The pressure switch on this unit is CHEAP, CHEAP plastic. Also, the phillips screw that holds down the cover to the pressure switch was thoroughly gauged by the hacks at CHPower before the unit shipped from their factory. I'll probably end up making a flat head screw out of it by taking the hacksaw to the head after it strips out completely as it seems to be cheap white metal.
2) The main pressure outlet on this unit is 1/4", not 3/8" on this "10+" cfm @90 psi machine ! Without doing the math to see what kind of velocity is screaming thru that 1/4" heavy hex fitting they have screwed into the pressure port of the vessel, let's just agree it should be at least 3/8" compared to other compressors of this size I've seen. Most likely, I'll end up replacing the main pressure tap port on the pressure vessel with something larger. It appears to be a screw-in hex fitting, but I'll just use it as-is for the time being.

Again, not impressed with the unit is CHEAP and POORLY engineered. Would I purchase this unit again, NO if money was no object. Was I expecting for more. DEFINITELY.

Rating :

Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 1-Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Air Compressor With Accessory kit Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 1-Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Air Compressor With Accessory kit
Price : $119.99 $55.88
Features :
  1. User Friendly Design
  2. Easy-to-read-gauge
  3. Tank eliminates the pulsations caused by piston action
  4. Accessory kit containing 25-foot Recoilhose, female coupler, Male Plug, Air Chuck, inflation Needle, 2-inchflation nozzles
  5. 100 max PSI

Average Customer Rating :

Customer Review :

great for staple gun!

I bought this to use with surebonder's 9615 upholstery staple gun to reupholster a bunch of chairs. it works great. i'm rather impressed. it is really tiny, easy to use and i'm surprised that it makes no mess of any kind. i sit right on my dinning table to use it. it was loud but not as loud as some reviews made it out to be. the trick is to use it on a piece of carpet. it also is not nearly as loud in a normal room of your house as it is if used in an empty room that has a hard floors and no furniture such as garage or cement basement.

my only gripe was that it took me several days to figure out why i couldn't connect it to the staple gun. it does not come with a male quick connector that is needed to attach the hose to power tools. i bought this at home depot for under $2.

i read many reviews that complained of it not working. after using it this month i can kind of understand why. it's not the compressor. if you have not used one before i will give you the short list of resons it won't work that all happened to me until i got used to using a compressor.

- there is a knob under it that lets it dry between uses. you must close it tightly before using it.
- you need to really, really tighten the hose onto the compressor before use.
- if you over oil your air tools or always leave them connected, the oil will seep into the male connector at end of hose and trap condensation. if this happens, you will need to wipe out the connector with a paper towel until it feels dry again.
- at the end of long work days you'll want to let it dry out. you should take the hose off and hang it so both ends hang down and open the drain knob underneath. I have found it to work super efficiently since i started to do this. now i don't need to keep running it to keep at 60 - 80 psi. although i do have to turn it on ever 10 or 20 minutes for about 30 seconds to keep the psi.

Rating :

Portable Air

Noisy, but lightweight. I needed an air source my wife could handle. With a quality hose she uses it for to power a finish air nailer. Mission accomplished.
I don't know how long it will last as we our use is sporatic.

Rating :

very light duty

This unit is essentially a toy. Ii is very noisy and it takes a long time to fill the air tank. Once the tank is full it is consumed quickly. It took me nearly 20 minutes to fill a tire. I had to jack up vehicle for the tire to inflate!
Usefull only to fill toys.
Amazon service is Outstanding! They ship promptly, you get what you order, and it's super easy to track your items. Very satisfied!

Rating :

Great 1 Gallon Compressor

This is perfect for around the house projects. Fills tires, footballs, and even runs a small impact wrench. A+

Rating :


This little thing is unbelievably LOUD. I took it back the first day I had it. So, I can't say it's not reliable. but that was my impression that I got from it.

Rating :

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Makita MAC2200 2 HP Oil-less Air Compressor Makita MAC2200 2 HP Oil-less Air Compressor
Price : $558.00
Features :
  1. Specially designed for use in the construction industry
  2. Durable cast aluminum components for lightweight and fast heat dissipation
  3. Dynamically balanced counterweight crankshaft for reduced vibration
  4. Easy to maintain, reusable foam intake filter
  5. Anodized teflon cylinder and teflon/bronze-based piston ring for improved compression and reduced friction

Average Customer Rating :

Editorial Review :

This Makita 2-horsepower oilless compressor is a serious tool that lends itself to operating in a variety of conditions with little maintenance. Oil-free operation means no daily oil checks, no oil changes, and no worrying about making sure it's placed on a perfectly level surface before going to work.

We like this tool's simple yet rugged construction. Dual air tanks hold 8.3 cfm at 40 psi, and they are situated in a way that seems to help the tool maintain steady balance. Along with the tanks, the pump, motor, on/off switch, air regulator, and gauges are encased in a roll cage to withstand the hard knocks job sites can deliver. The well-balanced motor is made of lightweight aluminum that dissipates heat quickly and efficiently. The compressor boasts a quick nine-second recovery time, which is the time the motor must run to fully recharge the air supply in the tanks. In other words, it's plenty fast enough to nail sheathing without letting up. If you're searching for an easily transportable, dependable source of air for pneumatic tools, this could be your saving breath. --Justin Paul

Customer Review :

Best of the Bunch and more powerful than newer models by Makita lb for lb.

I have owned this little gem for almost ten years and work as a framing carpenter and flooring contractor commercially. It has out lasted many of several guns which I have shot roughly 1 million fasteners through, no joke. It is small, able to be stored in my van easily without taking up a lot of room. It produces 6.1 CFM at 90 PSI and 8.3 CFM at 40 PSI with only a 2 HP pump, which is achieved by it's oil-less pump, which is a plus in my book. I have only had to replace one rubber foot because it pushed around in the van for years and took a lot of abuse from me in that respect. The single air connector is not really an issue as I made up a T-connector to plug into it using what ever combination conversions to other size fitting I may tend to be using, such as going from the smaller I/M fittings to a larger one used with my framing nailers rather than my flooring staplers. Knock on wood, it still looks and opperates just has it had for many years, and with a little luck I hope to get another decade of use out of this fantastic little compressor. Oh, by the way, it will keep right up with my 550 lb Ingersol Rand impact tool gun. Most little tank compressors, even many of the larger 30 gal Sears compressors, can not keep up with a higher torque impact gun, but this little compressor has no problems in that respect. High speed grinders on the other hand tend to need huge tank reserves which this compressor does not have, but other than that it is certainly fair better than many of the other compressors on the market in this size range and/or even a little bigger. The bottom line is that if you need a huge tank, buy one and hook this one up to it when you need a huge tank, and use the set up the way it is for all your portable needs too. This is a truely great compressor.

Rating :

Good, high powered compressor

I own two of these, bought several years apart and like them. They are very powerful, producing the most CFM of any "small" compressor. It produces more CFM by a long shot too, almost 50% more than the next best one. This was the reason I bought them more than anything else. The lack of oil and concomitant ability to put them on an unlevel surface is a real bonus in some situations.

I would buy the MAC 2200 again, but its worth noting a few drawbacks. They are loud compressors - the loudest of any electric compressor I've heard on any jobsite. The are also heavy. Finally, they consume serious power. You really can't run multiple devices on a 15 amp circuit with this thing. Given the phenomenal amount of air this compressor moves none of these criticisms should come as a surprise. You don't get something for nothing.

Rating :

Best Little Compressor

If you need a powerful compressor in a small package, this compressor is it. I bought this compressor about three years ago and it has just kept chugging along. It has always kept up with all the work going on. We have had upto three framers going at oncee and have never run out of air. It is louder than others in its class but that must be because it is more powerful. This compressor is worth every penny.

Rating :

makita mac2200 compressor

top notch tool, it's the best of any of the "small" compressors i have used. while it's not the lightest, or the quietest, it is by for the most powerful - i ran two framing guns off it (after i put a splitter on coupler) shooting 3 1/2" nails without any problems . i also ran a 1/2" ingersolrand impact off the mac2200 and was very impressed. the mac2200's recovery time is also very quick ,around 10 seconds. i have owned several small , name brand compressors over the last ten years and this is the first one i have really been impressed with. if you need serious cfm. but don't want a large compressor.....this is your tool

Rating :

What a work horse

I have had nothing but good experiences with this compressor. It has far exeeced my expected capabilities. I have used it to run all types of nail guns, impact wrenches and other air tools. It has perfromed flawlwessly. The only drawback I have seen to date is that it uses more amps than others in its class--a trade off I am willing to make. This is probably due to the fact that its CFM rating exeeds all the others as well. I would recommend this air compressor to anyone in the need for a small air compressor that performs as good as may air compressor twice as large. By the way, it is not as loud as some seem to think it is.

Rating :

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